Women's Fellowship

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."

Hebrews 11:1

Women's Fellowship is a teaching series in which the women learn from God's Word and enjoy biblical fellowship with one another. This year, we will be going through lessons centered around the theme, “Faith: Heart and Eyes Fixed on God.”

These lessons are meant to help women understand how to have a steadfast faith that is grounded in God. When we understand what faith is and where it comes from, we can have consistent hope and joy in our daily lives, grow in having faith in difficult circumstances, and treasure it for the precious gift that it is. Faith plays a vital role in our spiritual walk, so how can we become women who live confidently by faith?

Come join us once a month on Sundays at 11 AM after worship service for a sweet time learning together from God’s Word about having faith that is fully fixed on God!
Download the handout for this year's Women's Fellowship series below!

Lesson Recap

We continued our Women’s Fellowship series with the lesson titled “Undeserved Gift,” where Kayleen taught us about the nature of true faith.  

Kayleen showed three key aspects of true faith and how it operates in the believer’s life. The first point was found in Hebrews 11:1, where we saw that faith is the “assurance of things hoped for.” We learned that our hope is a far cry from the world’s; whereas the world’s “hope” is expectant desire founded on wishful thinking, the hope of the Christian is confident knowledge founded on the unchanging character of our God. Faith trusts that God will deliver on all His promises in the future and therefore does not doubt Him in the present. The second point, found in the same verse, was that faith is the “conviction of things not seen.” Kayleen explained that the word for “conviction” means “evidence by which something is tested or proven.” Even though we have never laid our eyes on Christ or seen the promises God has made concerning the future come to fruition, our faith is proof of the character of God and what He has revealed in His Word. The third point, drawn from Ephesians 2:8, was that this faith that brings so much joy and hope is a grace gift from God. It is grace because we did nothing to earn it and do not deserve it; it is a gift because God has given it to us, not expecting anything in return. This is a wonderful truth that should give us joy all day every day! When we find ourselves discontent with what we have or grumbling about what we do not have, Kayleen encouraged us to meditate on the infinite value of faith and to remember that it is only free for us because Christ paid the price for it on the cross. Because of Christ’s sacrifice, we can have perfect trust in the one true God and all His promises! 

Praise God for the unmerited gift of faith in our lives! May we show our gratefulness by taking great care to nourish this precious gift He has given us and pouring out praise daily for all He has done in our lives! 
What does it look like to live knowing we are saved by faith alone? God’s Word calls us to have an active and living faith that results in good works, but we often act as if we are saved by our works instead. Rather than falling into a works-based mentality such as perfectionism or self-righteousness, how can we have a right understanding of faith and works that bolsters our faith in God? Join us for our next Women’s Fellowship lesson on “Faith’s Evidence” to learn more!

The lesson will be streamed live on Sunday, December 3, 2023 at 11 AM PST.
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