Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations.

Matthew 28:19-20

We love the gospel here at RGC and our desire is to see all peoples love it as well. Which is why missions is a big part of what we do. Not only do we support a large number of missionaries throughout the world, but we also have a couple short term missions trips every year!  We also offer various ministries that are focused on missions including: Meals Around the World, Servant Auction, and Missions Matters.
Japan Missions Trip
Madagascar Missions Trip
New Zealand Missions Trip

Meals Around the World

An opportunity to  grow in the love for missions around the world.  Join us for a time of learning about countries worldwide while experiencing some of the traditions and culture in small groups.  On selected Mondays and Thursdays starting from  6 PM,  a special night of fun and excitement is coordinated by a group of hosts for up to five guests.
Meals Around the World

Servant Auction

An annual event for members to offer services , raise funds, and support our missionaries.  From crash course lessons to themed dinners, we dedicate Servant Auction proceeds each year to one missionary who is toiling hard for the gospel.

Missions Matters

We support our missionaries through congregational prayer every Sunday as well as throughout the week. The Missions Matters ministry consists of sending weekly reminders  every Tuesday and Thursday about a selected missionary and their prayer requests.  In addition to sending updated prayer requests for our missionaries every week, weekly reminders are also sent every Monday and Wednesday with evangelism-related prayer requests of a member in the church. Introducing, Missions  Matters: Home Edition, where the vision is to provide church-wide support through prayer for selected members who are outreaching and evangelizing. Join us by praying for them and grow in the love for missions and evangelism!


We currently support 18 missionaries all throughout the world in places such as Egypt, Japan, Poland, Philippines, Madagascar, Indonesia, South Africa, Mexico, Italy, Ukraine, Romania, and the U.S.

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