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Thanks Be to God

Event Recap

To kick off the new theme on “Wholehearted Gratitude,” Sabrina taught us the first lesson “Thanks Be to God.” From Psalm 145:1-7, we learned that thankfulness requires a heart that is active, seeking to praise and worship God. It is a choice to bring forth praise to God and make thankfulness a priority in our lives (Psalm 145:1-2). Our praise is to be directed towards God and the blessing that is God Himself. Specifically, Sabrina highlighted God’s greatness which is so deep and vast that we can not fully comprehend it (Psalm 145:3-4). We can recognize that God is worthy of our utmost respect which should result in a greater quantity of praise. In addition, rather than giving thanks for tangible blessings alone, we are to consistently have an attitude of praise and thanksgiving for God’s character. Specifically, we can praise God for His immanence and omnipotence that is revealed through His mighty works (Psalm 145:5-7). Meditating on God’s power and nearness encourages us in our prayer lives and confidence in our identity as children of God who are adopted and forgiven. As we continue to grow in knowledge of God’s character, we will burst forth with delight and thanksgiving for who He is and what He has done. May we continue to grow in our thanksgiving to God each day, knowing His amazing character and that He is always working in our lives.

Erin also taught us the importance of bodily disciplines in her practical training. She taught us about different exercises such as calisthenics, strength training, and cardio. She also encouraged us with some tips on how we can keep active: by setting goals, having accountability partners, playing sports with others in the church, and more! It was a great time at Women of Gold learning about God’s character and bodily discipline. Hope to see you soon at our next event, “Always Giving Thanks”!

Event Testimonial

Here's what our sister Hannah E. learned: 
"Praise God for the first Women of Gold event, where we got to learn how to grow in our thankfulness to God for His character and His work in our lives! One point from Sabrina’s lesson that I’ve been meditating on is that wholehearted gratitude must include praying in accordance with God’s character! I learned about two of God’s attributes—His imminence and His omnipotence. Knowing that He is near should lead me to pray SPECIFIC prayers, and knowing that He is all-powerful should lead me to pray with EXPECTATION that He will answer. It’s been really fun growing in these areas in my prayer life as I meditate on His character! What great cause for joy and thankfulness to the Lord!"

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