Purity Event

Self Pleasure or Self Harm: The Truth About M

Event Recap

At our most recent event, Michelle taught about purity on the topic “Self Pleasure or Self Harm: The Truth About M.” She taught that M is spiritually, emotionally, and physically harmful because it is sinful, goes against God’s design for our bodies, and has lasting negative consequences on our future. In contrast, God’s design for sex in marriage brings true pleasure.

Although we may struggle with M, we have the great hope of victory through the sacrifice that Christ paid for us on the cross. We can bring our guilt to God and fight against ungodly attitudes such as pride, discontentment, and self-pity. When we confess and repent of our sin, we can have confidence that we are forgiven and that our struggle with M does not take us further from God positionally (1 John 1:9).

However, this does not mean we don’t take the fight with M seriously! We must meditate on Scripture to realign our perception with reality and God’s principles, reinforcing our understanding of God’s character and design for us as women. Additionally, when we develop an action plan against M, we learn how to practically avoid triggers that tempt us to sin, enabling us to identify core issues and put them off (Matthew 5:29-30).

Lastly, we can grow in our desire for experiencing pleasure according to God’s design, anticipating what God has in store for our future knowing that it will be the most beautiful and pleasing to Him. Let us fervently fight against M and remember that God’s design is the true source of pleasure.
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