Women of Gold

Grateful to be Forgiven

Event Recap

Continuing our series on “Wholehearted Gratitude,” Alyssa taught us how a woman who is characterized by thankfulness is one who is grateful to be forgiven by God. Oftentimes, when we sin, the first thing in our minds is not thankfulness but instead shame and guilt. But Alyssa encouraged us to consider how all our sins were paid for once and for all on the wondrous cross when Christ died for us (Matthew 22:27). Therefore, when we sin, we can repent and praise God that we are counted as guilt-free before Him because of Christ’s sacrifice. 

Alyssa encouraged us with three ways in which we can practice being a woman who is grateful to be forgiven. First, we can have a right response to sin. Sometimes, we can have a defeatist attitude towards our sin and get discouraged in the fight, but we counter this thinking pattern by understanding that we are completely forgiven and Christ has paid the price in full (Psalm 103:11-13). Additionally, seeing sin rightly means that we delight in God’s holiness and hate our disobedience. Rather than blame-shifting to our circumstances, other people, or even God, a woman who understands God’s forgiveness will be quick to confess and repent (1 John 1:9). Second, a woman who is grateful to be forgiven will have a right perspective on sin and see revealed sin as an opportunity to grow, be humble, see God’s grace, and further glorify Him (1 Timothy 1:12-13). Third, we can practice forgiveness towards others as we remember the cost Christ paid for forgiveness and be quick to seek restoration with others in the church. 

Afterwards, Judy taught a practical training on different types of cleaners we can use in the home for different surfaces and situations. We learned biblical principles about how it is important to keep a clean home to build warmth and hospitality.

We had a great time at “Grateful to be Forgiven” and were encouraged to grow in thankfulness to God for how He has forgiven and redeemed us! We hope you will join us for our next Women of Gold event, and we look forward to seeing you soon! 

Event Testimonial

Here is what our sister Vanessa learned: 
"I love Women of Gold!! It is always such an encouraging time with the women as we learn how to cultivate a heart of gratitude together. This lesson was especially impactful for me as I often lose sight of God’s grace, particularly when I sin and then proceed to be discouraged over my sin. Alyssa talked about what godly sorrow looks like and that it should lead to true, genuine confession and repentance. The mindblowing thought that God WANTS to forgive us stood out to me as He delights in our repentance which is why we can approach the throne of grace with much confidence. I want to remember this beautiful truth about our Father and seek to run to the throne with my confession of sin and be confident that I am already forgiven in Christ."

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