Cardmaking 101

Event Recap

At Cardmaking 101, we had the joy of learning how to make cards for others and wrapped up our devotional series on love by hearing a devotional from Hannah titled “Heart of Sacrifice!”

In our Cardmaking 101 session, we learned how to make personalized cards by decorating them with calligraphy, washi tape, and stickers. We learned how to write calligraphy from a calligraphy demonstration and applied our new skills by making a card to encourage a sister in the church!

In addition, our sister Sabrina gave a testimonial on the devotional titled “Comfort in His Love” and how she has been finding comfort in God’s love by reminding herself of His character and being proactive to recognize when she is anxious and go to God in prayer.

In Hannah’s devotional, she taught us that sacrificial love is to desire others’ good by humbly and unconditionally lying down one’s own convenience, comfort, and preferences. Ultimately, Christ’s sacrifice of Himself on the cross was a perfect demonstration of sacrificial love, and as believers, we are called to imitate His example by showing sacrificial love to one another (John 13:34-35). Instead of putting ourselves first, we can look at how Christ was humble and unconditional in His love to us. Practically, this looks like taking initiative to meet others’ needs, making time to serve others, and showing love to those who are difficult to get along with. Hannah encouraged us in knowing that it is a high calling to be sacrificial towards one another because the world is watching how we put the love of Christ on display.

Our summer events this year were so much fun! Let us continue to apply what we have learned about God’s love in our daily lives and continue to grow in our knowledge of His love. Hope to see you at our future women’s events!

Event Testimonial

Here is what our sister Andrea learned:

"Our sister Hannah shared a wonderful devotional on how to love sacrificially and I enjoyed her example of Christ’s whole life as an example of sacrificial love. It was great to apply the thoughtfulness and sacrifice we should have through cardmaking! We were able to make and write cards to sisters in the church that we wanted to encourage. I hope to grow in my selflessness and be able to think about others and meet any spiritual and physical needs that I know of regardless of how tired or busy I am."

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