Sermon Series: Hebrews

We are picking back up in Hebrews for the year! Come visit and listen to God's Word with us.


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The Cost of Evangelism

There was once a minister who felt burdened in his heart to provide help to a recent widow. One day, he knocked on her door with money in hand, but she did not answer. Trying a few more times, he concluded she was not at home and went on his way. A little while later, […]

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When David Speaks…

If you have been reading the Bible for a while now, you’ve noticed how often King David is talked about. In fact, his name is mentioned more times than any other person! You’ve read about David, the second king of Israel, God’s choice for His nation, who reigned for forty years (1 Kings 2:11 NASB). […][...]

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There’s Always Tomorrow…

Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth. Proverbs 27:1 NASB One of the great errors in our thinking is the word “tomorrow”. Whether that’s with our work when we say, “I can worry about studying tomorrow. Today I’ll just be lazy and unproductive.” Or with broken […][...]

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What Grace Is This!

Romans 4:5 NASB is a beautiful verse that I fear at times we glance at just briefly. We read it with such a flippancy that it becomes cold, mechanical even as we come to this portion of Scripture. And perhaps we pray to God often; we read the Word often; we evangelize often. But how often […][...]

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