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Women of Gold – A Woman of Integrity

We heard a great lesson from Judy on what it means to be a woman who is unwavering in her integrity. She taught us about how it is never worth it to throw away our integrity regarding deception (not being fake), emotions (not letting emotions sway our integrity,) circumstances (holding fast to integrity in all circumstances), and laziness (seeing work rightly.) She also discussed three characteristics of a woman with unwavering integrity: she will defend the truth (1 Peter 3:15), never waver (Ephesians 6:6), and be above reproach. Judy created a pun off these applications saying that integrity should be in our DNA!

We also had lots of fun learning how to properly sew a button onto a piece of fabric by Sabrina W! It was a lot of fun to be able to participate hands-on in such a practical activity! She also taught us another stitching techniques like the running stitch and ladder stitch that will definitely come in handy.

Here’s what one sister learned:
“A specific area I want to grow in when it comes to being unwavering in my integrity is to not shrink back from proclaiming the truth when I confront someone with it. While I ought to be compassionate and respectful, I must also be bold and firm in the truth, never letting anyone sway me even if they may react in anger.”

If you were unable to make it but still would like to hear the great teaching, please check out the Event Audio page for the recordings. For more information about our Women of Gold series, click here!

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