Page last updated: May 31, 2020

We will be having service at our usual facilities this upcoming week!

We will have our services on live stream via Facebook and have many other ministry opportunities available! Please contact Bruce at for more information about what Redeemer’s Grace Church is doing during this time!

A note from our elders regarding COVID-19:

Greetings RGC Family!

As you can imagine, things in our world are quickly changing and in some ways, are unprecedented in our lifetime. Yet, praise God! He does not change and He remains sovereign and in control. It is exciting to see what God is going to do and see how His providence will reveal itself in our time. This is a critical moment when the people of the Lord can demonstrate their trust, faith, and hope in Him. This moment reminds us of Paul’s exhortation in Scripture:

“And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:7)

In compliance with the recommended guidelines from both federal and state institutions, we are going to move our Sunday’s to livestream only. Please do not attend at our usual facilities, but instead, watch the livestream from your home. We will livestream our Sunday services to the appropriate RGC social media outlets. There we will continue our exposition on 1 Peter as well as our monthly series on “A Believer’s Life”.

Currently, as noted above, Redeemer’s Grace Church is aware of the current situation surrounding the corona virus. We encourage all of our members to continue to stay in contact with the church through our website, through our Facebook page, and through email.

The following general events are continuing:

General – Thrive (through video)
General – Forge (through video)
General – Roots (through video)

The calendar is now updated with all of our wonderful events through the internet! Please check our calendar for the latest on our ongoing events!

The following events are canceled or postponed to another time (these will not appear on the calendar):

General – Meals Around the World (postponed)
General – Evangelism Outings (postponed)
General – Sports Outreach (canceled for May until further notice)
General – Pizookie Pow-wow (canceled for May until further notice)
General – Rock Solid (canceled for May until further notice)
General – Training Grounds (postponed)

Sunday – Sunday Morning Coffee (canceled until further notice)
Sunday – Sunday Men’s and Women’s Fellowship (canceled until further notice)

In light of all the COVID-19 news, Redeemer’s Grace Church continues to be a church committed in caring for the individuals in our church. We are dedicated to the physical and spiritual health of our members and we continue to pray for them every day. If you are interested in any of our events or our mini church groups on Friday or Sunday, please contact us at for any general questions or concerns. We are more than happy to connect with you, see how you are doing, and point you to the Word of God!