Redeemer’s Grace Church takes the membership process very seriously. We are a church that is built upon the service of members and a church that firmly believes that committed members of men and women are essential in effectively preaching the Gospel and serving in the church. We believe that membership in a church is biblical and should be practiced in order to help build the church.

Membership is for the congregation so that our members will be able to set a God-honoring precedent to all other members in the future. It is as well for the congregation to know and be involved with other members in the church and to be able to encourage and spur on their spiritual growth. Also, it is for our church leadership to be able to care for the members and those who come on a weekly basis.

We hold membership classes over the course of the year, though highly recommended, these classes are not required for membership. RGC conducts membership interviews and hold classes throughout the year, please contact for more information about membership.

Membership Books & Resources

Below are some resources meant for our members and those who are interested in becoming members. RGC will go through the membership packet and read several books throughout the membership class. The books that the membership class reads are as follows:

“What is the Gospel?” by Greg Gilbert
“Expository Listening” by Ken Ramey
“Keys to Spiritual Growth” by John MacArthur

Church Covenant (PDF)
Suggested Reading List (PDF)
Membership Form (PDF)
Membership Expectations (PDF)