Over the course of the 2017-2018 year, a handful of our women came together under the leadership of the elders to write a book called “Emotions: A Biblical View”. This is an excellent book geared toward women and how they are to view emotions in light of the Bible! Not only that, we are willing to send our speakers and help you set up a conference for your women’s ministry based on this material. With such a wonderful opportunity, we also glad to be able to have several audio samples of our speakers below. We sincerely hope you take delight in the work for the Lord that our church is doing!

For more information on any of the messages or scheduling your own conference in your area, send us a message at mailbox@rgcsd.com and we’ll get back to your shortly!

Photo Credits: Steph Minn

Hannah Hannibal (Sample length: 2:59)

Joanna Poon (Sample length: 3:36)

Alisa Ide (Sample length: 3:31)

Michelle Fung (Sample length: 3:18)