Life at Redeemer’s Grace Church is teeming with opportunities to grow whether you are a college student, a working adult, married with kids, or any season of life! Please contact us about any of the following if you are interested.


We encourage college students to join a small group for the school year. Please contact or speak with a church member for more information!


Thrive is our young adult small group here at RGC. During the summer, we meet once a week every other Tuesday. For the rest of the year, we meet every other Sunday. Speak to one of our members at church to learn more!


Rock Solid is our married life fellowship at RGC. We currently meet every other Wednesday throughout the year! Speak to one of our church members to learn more about Rock Solid.


Our desire here at Redeemer’s Grace Church is to firmly root believers in the fundamental doctrines of the faith. This is why our Fundamentals of the Faith class is called Roots! For new believers, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Christianity and start to build a rock solid theological foundation. For the mature Christian, we will aim to sharpen an understanding of key doctrines and equip for evangelism and discipleship. We hope sharing in this study will foster true unity that is based on a shared understanding of God’s truth.

What about non-believers? They’re welcome too! We hope it will introduce to them to the facets of Christianity and what it means to be a Christian. We pray that as we go through the class, the Holy Spirit will convict them of their sin and lead to repentance and salvation.

For the 2018-2019 year, we are meet most Sunday nights. Please send us a message at for more information about our Fundamentals of the Faith classes, and please inform us ahead of time if you are planning on coming so we may better prepare for you!

Check back to see what events and ministries we offer and how God is working through our church!