This week instead of giving an overview of a book I wanted to share about the recent TMAI (The Master’s Academy International) Pre-conference I was able to attend. The theme was Missions in the Local Church. After the initial introduction by MacArthur, we heard from speakers about the history of missions, a personal testimony regarding missions, and some thoughts local church leaders had regarding their roles in heading up missions in respective churches. There was really only one message that contained an exposition from Scripture as the conference as a whole was about practically focusing on missions in your church. But it’s this message that I wanted to encourage you all with.

So here’s the breakdown of the message which I will intersperse with my own thoughts.


Preaching Missions from the Text by Dr. David Doran, President of the Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

1. Principles (This is the reminder, the rationale behind shaping missions in the local church)

  • Shepherds are called to feed and lead, 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13
    – Biblically these are the only job descriptions for an elder or pastor. Everything else is just fluff.
     – The Great Commission wasn’t given to missions boards, or missions agencies but to all disciples of Christ. Don’t think that you aren’t required to obey because you are.
    – Shepherds are responsible to lead their congregation in obedience; James even makes mention that teachers will be judged all the more harshly because of this responsibility
  • Shepherds lead best through feeding, 1 Timothy 5:17 and Hebrews 13:7

2. Practice: Expositional preaching is a method of preaching which unpacks the original meaning of a biblical passage, correlates it with the unified message of Scripture, and makes appropriate application to its contemporary hearers.

  • Interpretation: What does this text say and mean? Our hermeneutic calls for a grammatical, historical approach.
  • Correlation: Does this text contribute to our understanding of Great Commission ministry? This is the theological component. Two questions we can be asking is if the text is consistent with the rest of Scripture and how the text helps our understanding of the Great Commission.

3. Paradigm, Matthew 28:18-20. This is just an example of a text to preach missions from. Really though the whole rest of the New Testament is just an unpacking of the Great Commission. It is an extension of the command to “teaching to observe all that I commanded you.”

  • Authority, “all authority…in heaven and earth.
    We can go
    We must go
  • Activity, “make disciples…baptizing…teaching to observe.”
    New creatures 
    New community
    New congregations
  • Arena, “Go…all the nations.”
    New places
    New peoples
  • Assurance, “I am with you always.”
    Power, Acts 11:21; Romans 15:18
    Provision and Protection, Hebrews 13:5-6
Thoughts from the TMAI Pre-conference

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