Well, no sooner had I posted those links, more links were issued out by various Christian blogs. I thought there were two links that were helpful. The reason they were helpful was because it came straight from Pastor John MacArthur’s lips.

The first is an interview conducted by Dr. Jason Allen, a transcript of the interview.

Eventually, the book Strange Fire, the conference, and what was said there is going to have to be debated on the grounds of biblical interpretation. That is where we would like to force the issue.

The second is another interview conducted by Tim Challies in which I thought Pastor John answered in a thoughtful manner with a strong appeal to “continuationists” as well as for “open-but cautious” to consider their stance and understanding of God’s Word.

On the one hand, I would agree that this is a second-level doctrinal issue—meaning that someone can be either a continuationist or a cessationist and still be a genuine follower of Jesus Christ. I have always maintained that position, and I reiterated that point several times during the conference. I have good friends who consider themselves continuationists, and I am confident that these men are fellow brothers in Christ. But that doesn’t excuse the seriousness of the error. In fact, I would appeal to my continuationist brethren to reconsider their views in light of what Scripture teaches.

Strange Fire Conference: The Follow Up

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