Please check out the sections we have outlined below for college-specific information. Redeemer’s Grace Church is located in Clairemont Mesa so we are by proximity closest to UCSD in La Jolla and most of this information will be based upon that. If you’re from a different school, please contact us ( and we’ll do our best to accommodate information specific to you as well.

Church Times

Redeemer’s Grace meets on Sunday at 9:00am for church. This is a time for us to worship God together as a church. Please come join us! Need directions? Check out the directions to church page for a map and our address.

We generally provide rides on-campus at UCSD to our church service. On Sunday the pickups are at 8:30am at Goody’s Market. If you need a ride from another location, please contact us for more information (

Small Groups

Ask about joining one of our college student small groups! We start our college small groups close to the beginning of the University of California, San Diego’s school calendar (around end of September or early October). Leave us a message at so we may send you more information.

Google Groups

We consistently update our congregation through a mailing list in Google groups. You can sign up for here. We send out periodic emails about the life of the church; this includes events, announcements, among other things. This is a good way to get information about what is going on in our church life and our events, sign up!

Friday Flock Groups & Doubt Nights

On Fridays, Redeemer’s Grace meets up for a time of worship through studying the Bible. We go deep into small portions of the Word and make careful observation of the text. We are currently studying the gospel of Luke. Most importantly, we make sure we understand what the Bible is telling us and how we can apply it immediately to our lives practically. Flock Groups start at 7:15pm and we now meet in 2 different locations including one on-campus at UCSD! Please contact us ( for specific locations. For the on-campus flock group we meet at Center Hall by the spheres at 7:00pm.

Usually on the first Friday of each month, we will have a study called Doubt Night, in which we do a topical study on an aspect of Christian life. This is a good time to bring friends and family who don’t know about Christianity or non-believers. You can check for specific topics and dates on the Calendar section of our website.