Redeemer’s Grace Weekly Links: May 7th- May 11th

A brief hiccup in the posting for the links but we’re back on track!

  • Suffering is a gift. Suffering as a Christian is a hard topic to wrestle with, but I hope this post helps to encourage you.
  • Mark Altrogge: “Ever done something without praying or seeking counsel only to have it backfire on you? And now years later you continue to pay the price. Or worse yet, maybe others now suffer because of your sins or failures. Your children or spouse. It’s so easy to be filled with regret when you think about it.” 
  • 10 attributes of a humble leader
  • The momentary marriage. A stirring testimony of God’s grace in the lives of a couple. God is amazing.
  • Did you know that in the New Testament, Paul once sent for a “celebrity” pastor? I didn’t!
  • Although it’s not exactly like it, there are startling similarities to the schedule that you’ll read here about sermon preparation. If you ever wanted to catch a glimpse of my life, well, here you go!
  • Randy Alcorn reminds us to be “heavenly minded” : “Knowing that our destiny is to live as redeemed, righteous people on a redeemed, righteous earth with our righteous Redeemer should be a powerful incentive to call upon His strength to live righteously today.
  • Dr. Moore writes in his blog, “Mother’s Day is a particularly sensitive time in many congregations, and pastors and church leaders often don’t even know it. This is true even in congregations that don’t focus the entire service around the event as if it were a feast day on the church’s liturgical calendar. Infertile women, and often their husbands, are still often grieving in the shadows.”
  • I firmly believe that as Christians we are always in the position of learning. A humble individual is always learning and being taught. I found this blog post on the lost tools of learning to be challenging.
  • Fascinating interview between two highly respected pastors (and I came from one of their seminaries! Guess which one).
  • Michael Horton writes about “Masculine Christianity” and the dangers our Evangelical culture faces with it. Good read.
  • Can you legitimately condemn a musical piece? Douglas Wilson clarifies.

Redeemer’s Grace Weekly Links: April 23th-April 27th

Another week has gone but we’ve culled from the internet some articles that will serve you well and entertain you too! We hope it edifies the local body of Christ! Enjoy

  • A helpful blog post from the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood about praying for your husband and children.
  • Albert Mohler Jr. writes about the limitations of the digital church. Let’s face it folks, Sunday Morning worship is a treat and a blessing. It’s a glimpse of heaven–worship and fellowship with His Saints.
  • Justin Blizzard writes about the foolishness of idolatry. It doesn’t love you back! He writes:  “Here’s what you need to know about your idol: That idol that you love, it doesn’t love you back. False gods don’t love you. Idols don’t keep their promises. Anything you worship and build your life on other than God will suck the life out of you and destroy you.” 
  • Kevin DeYoung writes an article that speaks to all students and/or seminarians. You can’t steal time!
  • We all struggle with our prayer life, in fact, a common prayer request during Flock Groups is for more discipline in our prayer life, however, have you been praying for your prayer life? Tim Challies chimes in.
  • John Piper writes about 1 year after John Stott’s passing away (and now residing in heaven with the glorious Father) and his impact in Christianity today. A new book is coming out that recounts the godly ambition of John Stott and how it can impact Christians today. The post is worth reading and I’d hazard to say the book is worth investing in.
  • A cautionary warning to all ATM users. COVER THE PIN PAD when you’re using it!
  • This is truly a biblical birthday cake–the old never tasted so good.
  • Last, for all those basketball players, make this your next HORSE shot. I double dare you.

Redeemer’s Grace Weekly Links: April 16th -April 20th

We know that there are a lot of things to read on the internet. But what do you read once you’ve exhausted ESPN, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest? We’ve collected some links that we think are worth your time and worth considering. We’ll try and keep it related to Christianity and to exhort Christians to consider all things that are excellent and glorifying to Him (Phil. 4:8) but we’ll sneak in some humorous links too. So, here is RGC’s Weekly Reading Links:


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