RGC Servant Auction – Save the Date

Hi all,

I wanted to let you all know about an exciting event we have next month on the night of November 7th.

Servant auction is a night where you, fellow brothers and sisters put up services to be auctioned to others in the church. You can form groups to provide services or offer up something as an individual. Examples of services can be anything from dinner parties to music lessons to car washes. All the proceeds will go to help some of the missionaries that we support.

So please mark the date in your calendars, November 7th and let me know of any services to be offered.

Let us all work together to help support our brothers and sisters overseas responding to the call to go and make disciples of all nations!

College Hangout Tomorrow

Hello collegians!

Looking for a study break that is both fun and has food? Tomorrow, Wednesday, there will be a “dumpling night” college hangout where you can learn to make dumplings from scratch! (And, of course, eat them!) The event will be held at Andrea Huang’s apartment at Costa Verde Apartments at 6:30 PM. Rides from UCSD campus will be at Peterson Hall at 6:00 PM, and if you need the address or have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email! :)

Church Picnic!

Hi All!

Mark your calendars – there will be a picnic after church this Sunday (Oct 11) at Nobel Athletic Fields at 12:30 PM. The address to the park is 8810 Judicial Dr, San Diego, CA 92122. There will be lots of food, games, and other activities :) If you would like to contribute and bring food, feel free to bring a side dish, as main course will be graciously provided! Feel free to also bring any games or athletic equipment. We hope you’re able to make it! :)

Upcoming Welcome Week Events!! Important Info

Hi church and visitors!

School will be starting soon and with that comes new events for our upcoming new quarter! Below are the events that will take place during UCSD Welcome Week next week, and we hope that you are able to make it out to some of them :)

Wed, Sept 23: KBBQ at the Park – Come join us for Korean BBQ, sports, and other fun activities at Lopez Ridge Park (7245 Calle Cristobal, San Diego, CA 92126) at 5:30pm!
Thurs, Sept 24: EAT with RGC – Come join us for free food and fun on the campus of UCSD. We will be catering various foods from popular San Diego restaurants, so come enjoy what SD has to offer! We will be meeting in front of the UCSD Price Center bookstore at 5:30pm!
Fri, Sept 25: Flock Group Potluck – We will be having a potluck at church beginning at 7pm. Musical worship and some time in God’s Word will follow. Signups and additional information TBA.
Sat, Sept 26: Creation Museum Day - We will be taking a trip to the Creation Museum in Santee for their Annual Museum Day. Join us at 12pm for lunch and head over to the museum for their free open house and a lecture on “Five Clues to Recent Dinosaur Origins” at 2pm! This one is more of a church event rather than a college outreach event, but we will be inviting the college students who we’ve already met up to this point if they’re interested.
Thanks for reading! See you there :)

Shepherd’s Conference Roundup

As many of you know, the Inerrancy Summit was held last week at the Shepherds’ Conference located at Grace Community Church in Los Angeles. More than 5,000 men gathered to hear world-class preaching and teaching over 4 days. With the doctrine of inerrancy under scrutiny from both outside and inside the church, this was a historical event in church history. Below are links to the plenary sessions. I’ll update the post with breakout sessions when those audio files get uploaded.

General Session 1: 4 Reasons for the Inerrancy Summit (Selected Scriptures) – John MacArthur [video, blog]


General Session 2: Let the Lion Out (2 Timothy 4:1-5) – Alistair Begg [video, blog]


General Session 3: Defending the Doctrine of Inerrancy (Selected Scriptures) – R.C. Sproul [video, blog]


General Session 4: How Did We Get Here? (1 Thessalonians 2:13) – Stephen Nichols [video, blog]


General Session 5: What the Bible Is, Is For, and Does (2 Timothy 3:14-17) – Ligon Duncan [video, blog]


General Session 6: Inerrancy and Evangelism (Matthew 28:16-20) – Miguel Nuñez [video, blog]


General Session 7: Inerrancy from the Reformers (Selected Scriptures) – Carl Trueman [video, blog]


General Session 8: Scripture Cannot Be Broken (John 10:22-39) – Ian Hamilton [video, blog]


General Session 9: God’s Word (Psalm 119) – Mark Dever [video, blog]


General Session 10: The Invincible Power of the Inerrant Word (Selected Scriptures) – Steve Lawson [video, blog]


General Session 11: Matthew’s Use of Hosea 11:1 in Matthew 2:15 (Selected Scriptures) – Gregory Beale [video, blog]


General Session 12: Q&A – Mark Dever, Kevin DeYoung, Ligon Duncan, John MacArthur, Albert Mohler [video]


General Session 13: The Inspired Word (2 Peter 1:16-21) – Derek Thomas [video, blog]


General Session 14: 12 Principles of Hermeneutics for Inerrantists (Selected Scriptures) – Albert Mohler [video, blog]


General Session 15: Pneumatology and Inerrancy (John 13-17) – Sinclair Ferguson [video, blog]


General Session 16: The Bible Under Attack (Selected Scriptures) – Iain Murray [video, blog]


General Session 17: Christ and the Bible (Matthew 5:17-19) – Kevin DeYoung [video, blog]


General Session 18: Jesus, the Great Expositor (Matthew 22:23-33) – John MacArthur [video, blog]


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