Greetings RGC Family,

This Sunday, we’ll be having a special service at Gershwin Neighborhood Park. As September rolls around, we can expect to be a little more busy than usual! It’s our way of kicking off the summer relaxation and saying hello to the new fall!

We’ll be having a short time of musical praise and a short devotional to prepare our hearts for the new season ahead. We’re excited for the new year as well as the new opportunities the LORD has in store for us.

Afterwards, we’ll be spending some time together in prayer to humbly ask the LORD to prepare our way and to make evident Christ’s servant like attitude in our lives.

We start at 9:00AM! Look for the RGC Signs! We won’t be at the church facilities.

Meet at Gershwin Neighborhood Park on Conrad Ave at 9am,-117.2119266,18z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xad6c216567fb848

See you there!

Hello to Fall at the Park (8/31 @ 9am)

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