This week’s midweek hangout is an iron chef competition!

Here are the rules:
Everyone will be split up into groups of 4-5. There will be a secret “theme” ingredient that I’ll tell you guys on the day of. Some examples of theme ingredients: bread, noodles, bananas, etc. Using this theme for your dish, each team will do their best to create a dish that will be judged on 3 categories: taste, looks, and creativity. Each team will have a specified budget to buy ingredients, and then disperse to various kitchens around La Jolla. When the time limit is up, we’ll all meet at one location to determine who the winner is and (my favorite part of the night) EAT.

Here are the plans:
Meet at VONS in La Jolla (7788 Regents Rd, San Diego) at 7:00 PM (Rides will be provided at Peterson Hall at 6:30pm on Wednesday). After everyone is split into groups, we’ll reveal the secret ingredient. Each team will then have approximately 1.5 hours to decide on a dish, buy ingredients, and cook. At 9:00 PM, we will all gather at a nearby apartment for the judging and eating to commence.

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Midweek Hangout – 11/6 (IRON CHEF EDITION)

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