With the recent Strange Fire conference, I know that there are many questions you may have to the topic as well as the outcome of the conference.

The first thing to do is actually review the conference. The first place to go to is the host of the conference, Grace Community Church and under their Grace To You ministry. The link is below. At the site, you can download each of the sessions. It’s important that you spend time listening to the conference before you’re asked to weigh in (if you weigh in at all).

Additionally, you can also purchase the book–under the same title–at Amazon

Second, there were helpful recaps and summaries of the conference from trusted Christians who have sought to blog and recap the sessions. I won’t include all of the links from the respective sites as they will have included internal links to the various summaries. I’ll just include the first and you can explore their site for more of their summaries.

After reviewing the summaries and videos, here is a link for consideration as you weigh the implications. A truth that needs careful consideration. As always, my exhortation to you is to be wary of any online discussions as may slip into unprofitable speech or unedifying.

Strange Fire Conference

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