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  • Suffering is a gift. Suffering as a Christian is a hard topic to wrestle with, but I hope this post helps to encourage you.
  • Mark Altrogge: “Ever done something without praying or seeking counsel only to have it backfire on you? And now years later you continue to pay the price. Or worse yet, maybe others now suffer because of your sins or failures. Your children or spouse. It’s so easy to be filled with regret when you think about it.” 
  • 10 attributes of a humble leader
  • The momentary marriage. A stirring testimony of God’s grace in the lives of a couple. God is amazing.
  • Did you know that in the New Testament, Paul once sent for a “celebrity” pastor? I didn’t!
  • Although it’s not exactly like it, there are startling similarities to the schedule that you’ll read here about sermon preparation. If you ever wanted to catch a glimpse of my life, well, here you go!
  • Randy Alcorn reminds us to be “heavenly minded” : “Knowing that our destiny is to live as redeemed, righteous people on a redeemed, righteous earth with our righteous Redeemer should be a powerful incentive to call upon His strength to live righteously today.
  • Dr. Moore writes in his blog, “Mother’s Day is a particularly sensitive time in many congregations, and pastors and church leaders often don’t even know it. This is true even in congregations that don’t focus the entire service around the event as if it were a feast day on the church’s liturgical calendar. Infertile women, and often their husbands, are still often grieving in the shadows.”
  • I firmly believe that as Christians we are always in the position of learning. A humble individual is always learning and being taught. I found this blog post on the lost tools of learning to be challenging.
  • Fascinating interview between two highly respected pastors (and I came from one of their seminaries! Guess which one).
  • Michael Horton writes about “Masculine Christianity” and the dangers our Evangelical culture faces with it. Good read.
  • Can you legitimately condemn a musical piece? Douglas Wilson clarifies.
Redeemer’s Grace Weekly Links: May 7th- May 11th

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