Brethren, even if anyone is caught in any trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness. -Gal 6:1a

Over this past year, the teaching at Redeemer’s Grace has been growing with increasing emphasis on people, the people around us and our local community. With the emphasis on individuals and their growth and less on ministries, events and activities, Gal 6:1 really stands out. And in order to apply the command of Gal 6:1, this past summer our congregation has been going through the IBCD biblical counseling seminars in our DVD clubs.

Biblical Counseling in Today’s Society

During the first phase of the IBCD biblical counseling sessions we had, we were able to learn how biblical “nouthetic” counseling fits in a society that is heavily dependent and influenced by psychology. It was interesting to see and contemplate how much we rely on secular teachings and how predisposed to culture, media and worldliness we often are. Reflecting on my own life, the biblical counseling sessions have revealed how often I diminish the severity of sin in counseling situations or how I tend to fix problems with logic rather than biblical truth.

One of the more interesting topics for me as a biologist working in the pharmaceutical industry was learning about the use and interaction of drugs in regard to applying biblical counseling. In our culture today we rely on medications to numb our hearts and treat external symptoms instead of addressing the root problems. Instead, as we’ve gone through the DVD series, I realized to a greater degree how sufficient the Word really is for us and the people we minister to.

Keeping the Peace

As we moved on to phase two of the seminars so far one of the most beneficial topics has been that of peacemaking. So often there are misunderstandings in communications, sinfulness in anger, and pride that this topic is relevant in every conversation or form of communication we have with the people around us.

So what I have I learned this first year? I learned that to love people we must care for them and keep peace with them by first humbling ourselves and recognizing how much our Lord Jesus Christ has forgiven us. And as we move forward into the years to come I pray that our congregation will faithfully and biblically keep the peace among ourselves and the community around us as we seek to minister love and grow together in Christ.

Keeping the Peace