Our church is gearing up for an exciting celebration. On October 2nd, we will be celebrating our 1-Year Anniversary but also our formal inauguration service. The purpose of the inaugural service is to formally install the church and the pastor (e.g. me) and to celebrate God’s many blessings and God’s faithfulness to us over the past year. Our guest preacher will be Pastor Patrick Cho from Lighthouse Bible Church. As we lead up to October 2nd, we wanted to take a moment and have different members of the church write a little entry to highlight the year and to highlight what God has been doing in their life and in the church. Our hope is that you will be encouraged in your faith and the praise would go directly to God.

Behind the Scenes

You may be asking ,”What did you do for a year?” Let me share with you some of the “behind the scenes” stories. Our very first Sunday, as a church, we hit the ground running. Our first Sunday service wasn’t any different than any other Sunday worship time. We had morning scripture; we had scriptural reading; we had a sermon and we had a closing set of announcements. Right after? We had congregational prayer meeting which is now the norm for our church. In and of itself, it wasn’t anything extra special. In my mind, we didn’t have the time or the resources to think of something jaw-dropping; we needed to set the foundation for Sunday Worship. In this, the leadership team (including myself) saw God’s gracious providence. Our first meeting place came to be only because another church had heard about our need and offered us a 9:00am time! As if that weren’t enough, their church was merciful to offer the time and place for no rent! We were so loved and nurtured by H.O.P.E church. Six months later, we moved the First Baptist Church in San Diego. Like H.O.P.E, they also offered us use of a fellowship hall that was free and available at 9:00am. We moved in and set up our church in Clairemont Mesa and that’s where we’ve been since. In the initial six months, our leadership team rose to the challenge and we started tackling administrative issues. We started to put in writing documents such as the vision statement and our church bylaws and so many of the documents you may find on our website. Particularly, I wanted to challenge our worship leaders, so Chris Chan, Lynn Chyi, Caleb Chao, and I sat down and watched a series of sermons on worship by John Piper. It was such a sweet time of true biblical fellowship. It was just us men sitting together and hearing God’s Word preached clearly and listening to John Piper draw out for us the importance of worship. I like to think it still affects us and impacts the way we structure our worship time.

The Importance of Prayer

I also learned the importance of prayer. You have to just bathe the whole process in prayer — constant prayer. Prayer was the remedy to any anxiousness and worry in my heart. I know the truth that when we take our worries and concerns to the Father in Heaven, He is gracious to hear and gracious to answer. But to go through that period and to actually put into practice that lesson was invaluable to me.

Our Blog

Now, I hope you the reader will be blessed to hear from others in our church. The church I serve and love is not MY church but our church, “our” being the members–the men, women and children who attend, sit and listen to God’s Word and act upon God’s Word. It is their church just as much as it is mine. It’s our community. Most importantly though, Redeemer’s Grace is God’s church. Throughout the next month we will continue to see writings from the members of this church. We hope you enjoy reading what they have to write.

The Inaugural Service, Oct. 2

From the editor: Mark your calendars for this Sunday. We will be hosting a celebration event with guest speaker Pastor Patrick Cho. Go on over to the inaugural service page for more information as well as a cool interview with Pastor Chris.

Introduction to the Anniversary Service