We have a lot going on this week for Redeemer’s Grace. Here is a helpful checklist for things to read and do in preparation for this week’s events.

1. Answer prework questions Gravity and Gladness Handbook pp84-108 (Lessons 7 and 8) for Wednesday, February 16th’s worship seminar.

2. Read the book of Philemon for Friday Night Flock (February 18th) groups.

3a. Finish reading The Trellis and the Vine for our last membership class, Saturday, February 19th. We will be discussing our favorite points from this book and how we can apply some of the concepts to Redeemer’s Grace.

3b. Finish your membership essays to turn in this Saturday, February 19th.

4. Read Philippians (especially starting at chapter 2) in preparation for this Sunday’s sermon.

We here at RGC encourage you to prepare for the weekly events we offer. The enrichment that comes from a simple 15 minute preparation is incredibly useful.

Feb 14-20: Preparations